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Welcome to the colorful, whimsical, and uniquely versatile world of Zutano.
Located in the quiet hills of Cabot, Vermont, we are inspired by babies every day. One of the most beloved and influential brands in children's fashion and a leader in exciting design innovation, Zutano incorporates brilliant colors and animated prints in its versatile line of young fashions to bring your child's personality to life.

Our boys and girls clothing for preemies, newborns, infants, and toddlers is crafted from only the softest cottons, creating a line known for its superior quality in a rainbow of colors and prints that parents and kids adore.

The result is an amazingly simple collection that gives mom and dad options with prints, patterns, and textures in both brights and neutrals that are easy to mix and match to create outfits with anything in baby's closet. Whether your child is bouncing, romping, jumping, or just napping, our clothing's comfort, fit, and function ensures carefree fun. From our bestselling sun hats to slip-on booties that actually stay on baby's feet—every detail from head to toe is of utmost importance and painstakingly considered.

Through our clothing lines, we are proud to create a world of children's fashion that is sophisticated yet playful and fun yet functional. We are honored to design products that foster a deep emotional bond between parents and their babies during that most special time in everyone's life. As we expand our world, our innovative and exuberant approach to baby products is evident in every category we enter, from nursery bedding, décor, and furniture, to accessories, plush toys, socks, booties, shoes, beanies, sun hats, and colorful baby apparel.

From our children to yours, we hope our collection will instill a feeling of playfulness, love, and creativity into the heart and mind of you and your little one.
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Clothes as unique as your baby.
From their first breaths to their first smiles, their first words to their first steps—every moment in a child's life is to be celebrated. Zutano recognizes the role it plays in the life of a little boy or girl and proudly creates products as bright and unique as each child, with a seemingly infinite variety of colors and patterns to stimulate or to soothe. From mix and match baby clothing and accessories to crib bedding, nursery furniture, gear, booties, hats, and décor—Zutano brings energy and quality into everything it creates.

Zutano offers a complete range of unique baby clothes and apparel for preemies, newborns, and toddlers—from playful tops and bottoms, to eye-catching dresses, practical newborn baby onesies, signature Cozie Fleece, jackets, and hoodies. All are crafted with only the finest natural fiber fabrics and softest cottons deserving of your baby to ensure high quality, easy care, and long life.

Zutano takes great pride in keeping babies covered and comfortable from head to toe. Quite literally. Our Cozie Baby Booties and protective Sun Hats continue to gain acclaim with both parents and the industry. Our snug baby booties actually stay on baby's feet with easy button snaps and an ankle-hugging design that's a cinch to slip on or slide off and ensures the booties stay snug and secure. And our Sunhats get rave reviews for blending cute looks and baby-friendly comfort with a functional design that protects baby from sun exposure.

The playful world of Zutano baby also includes plush animals and dolls, toys, beanies, aprons, bibs, tights, leg warmers, and socks. Our vast newborn bedding collection is sure to inspire your nursery ideas with infant and baby bedding, swaddle blankets, crib and nursery accessories, and nursery décor. Whether you are searching for your child, grandchildren, or a unique baby gift that will light up the baby shower, Zutano truly has the most diverse and thoughtful baby product collection in the industry.

Shop some of our most popular products:
  • Cozie Booties
  • Candy Stripe Booties
  • Baby Skinny Leggings
  • Sun Hats
  • Newborn Hats
  • Baby Pants
  • Matchstick Jeans
  • Reversible Hoodie
  • Baby Bow Ties
  • Fashion for Footies
  • Blankets
Beyond offering products that are comfortable, cozy, and cute, Zutano also brings function to the construction of every product it creates, making life easier and enjoyable for both baby and parent alike. From clothes that stand out and work with everything in the baby's closet, to slip-on baby booties and socks that actually stay on little feet—versatility and function drive Zutano's design. Every Zutano baby product is built to withstand the test of time, in terms of quality, comfort, style, and function—giving parents practical preemie items, colorful newborn clothing, and sturdy toddler products that can be handed down from one child to the next.

Signature bold colors and whimsical original prints capture the wonderfully vibrant and modern designs of Zutano's beloved clothing and home products. In designing each product, Zutano recognizes that each baby truly is unique. And with a playful palette and the versatility of mix and match prints, patterns, stripes, and textures, there are truly endless possibilities in the ways you can put together an outfit to express your child's unique personality. Some of Zutano's most popular patterns featured throughout its collection include ‘Little Bear,' ‘Elephant Parade,' and ‘Owls'—bringing playful whimsy and creative flair into the hearts, minds, and sense of self of every child.
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It all began with baby steps.
When a baby arrives, it changes the world for the better. We smile more. We feel more optimistic. We're inspired and reminded of what's possible.

When Michael and Uli Belenky's first daughter Sofia arrived in 1989, the world of baby and children's clothing also changed for the better. Uli, a designer and art director, and Michael, a professional photographer, saw a gaping hole in the children's clothing options available at the time. A whole new sense of artistic purpose was born as they lovingly handcrafted a line of colorful baby clothes, which were as unique as their precious baby.

They recognized the need for simplicity combined with function, plus eye-catching designs that would reflect the unique spark of their baby. Uli set out to work on her own sewing machine, hand-stitching prototypes and designing a solution. One small batch of babyclothes later and Zutano was born.

The clothing line caught everyone by surprise and became an instant favorite in many New York City boutiques. Orders were hand-delivered by Michael himself from the seat of a bicycle. It didn't take long before the creative team outgrew their New York City brownstone space and began searching for a location to lay permanent roots. The calm, quiet countryside in New England beckoned; a place where a family, and a company, could grow strong and healthy on green hills and fresh air. In 1991, when their second daughter Ella was born, the Belenkys packed up Zutano and headed north to a hilltop farmhouse in Cabot, Vermont.

From the start, it was clear that Michael and Uli Belenky were building more than a company. They were building a community. They encouraged the first handful of employees to bring their babies to work. They planted seasonal vegetables in the community garden. And they treated every customer like family.

Zutano is still located in Vermont today, still creating products in the brightest colors with high-quality fabrics and in adorable patterns and animal prints that are designed to be mixed and matched. Their company embodies the whimsical and an enduring love for everything BABY.

All these elements combined have created a unique perspective, inspiring Zutano to create some of the most diverse and outstanding children's product on the market today that help new parents experience the joy that comes from finding clothes as unique as their baby.
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Inspired by baby.
Zutano draws inspiration from the children of the world and is committed to celebrating the diversity of all children, creating exceptional, innovative, and versatile products. From the very beginning, a baby inspired us to start Zutano. And ever since, we have designed clothes that reflect the unique character and playful curiosity of babies.

Our company, and the tapestry of relationships we weave, is an energetic community—one that will continue to develop a culture of rich imagination and vibrant color; that celebrates the spirit of children worldwide.

We are 100% authentic to baby. We truly live it. Our children are everything. Our love. Our lives. Our inspiration. We bring our babies to work at Zutano, and we bring their energy and playfulness into every product and decision we make. We are more than just a brand; we are a likeminded group of passionate individuals who are trying to make a difference in this world, one child at a time.

Our products have touched so many families and so many amazing babies, while also having such a positive impact on the world around us. This is what fuels our creativity and has made this journey a wonderful and fulfilling experience.
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Ideas as bright as each baby.
From the very beginning, Zutano has cherished the honor of creating the first garments that a baby wears and is dedicated to the belief that every child's individuality should be celebrated. This has inspired Zutano to continually identify ways to acknowledge the unique character and joy of each little boy and girl.

There is arguably no moment more extraordinary and impactful than when a child is brought into one's world, and fostering that bond is at the heart of every decision Zutano makes. We know that picking the perfect baby outfit is a lot like picking the perfect baby name—it's personal, it's emotional, and we're honored to be part of it.

It's the positive energy between parent and child that influences each aspect of Zutano's business practices and development, which goes beyond simply designing baby items. From community outreach both locally and abroad, to fostering sustainable business practices, and nurturing the lives of children and parents alike—Zutano strives to make the world a better place.

From Zutano's designers and product developers to its customer service specialists and craftspeople—every individual behind the brand lives and breathes baby. Ideas are born with our children and brought to yours with hopes that you, too, will feel the love and inspiration that your bright baby provides.
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Cultivating a community.
Zutano is committed to supporting and nurturing a positive world for both newborns and parents alike. The brand, its employees, and partners firmly believe that we owe it to our children and our children's children to inspire and engage the local and global community in a sustainable way that creates real and positive change. As a local Vermont business with global influence, Zutano takes pride in its responsibility to appropriately manage and protect the environment and community through holistic and sustainable practices.

At Zutano we are committed to:
  • Operating a company with values, principles, and customer satisfaction that demonstrates sustained growth and profit.
  • Building long-term partnerships both locally and abroad that are economically just and socially sound.
  • Creating a nurturing work environment that puts families first and fosters mutually beneficial relationships between employees, consumers, and suppliers.
  • Respecting the diversity and fragility that define our planet, its natural resources, and the global community.
As well as nurturing programs locally and abroad that support:
  • Educational enrichment for children.
  • Fighting childhood hunger.
  • Children's rights.
  • Reproductive rights for women.
  • Improved healthcare programs.
  • Regional scholarship funds.
  • Breast feeding educational programs.
  • Clothing drives.
Baby Clothes Built with Love.

Zutano takes the concept of family one step further through a unique factory relationship that is unlike any other brand in the baby product industry. Rather than cut corners and sacrifice quality for the sake of capital gain, Zutano has committed itself since day one to craft its baby clothing at a small, multi-generational family-owned factory in Macau. This exclusive and dedicated factory relationship means it shares equal passion for Zutano's products, resulting in superior quality and value that is unmatched in the industry.And it's not just a working relationship. Zutano's founders—Uli and Michael Belenky—and the family that owns the factory simultaneously raised newborns to adulthood, sharing an invaluable common bond.
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We live and breathe baby.
Zutano was founded by two loving parents who wore their babies in Snuglis while they worked. It is no surprise then that the newborn sons and daughters of today's Zutano employees are welcomed with open arms into the company's workplace. Following a progressive and carefully customized maternity/paternity policy, new mothers and fathers at Zutano are encouraged to bring their babies to work.

For over a decade, Zutano's industry-acclaimed “Baby-to-Work” program has nurtured the relationship between parent and baby during the child's first year of life—a critical period for bonding and emotional development. It is at the heart of Zutano's core beliefs that a baby who is given reliable and loving attention by its parents and supporting family (in this case, caring coworkers) will become a happier and healthier little person. Likewise, it allows Zutano's working parents to not only maintain their careers but also an emotional connection to the brand's beliefs—a win-win in the workplace. When you live what you love both in and outside the workplace, the result is a line of children's products created with a passion that runs true and deep.

Zutano's Bring Your Baby to Work program is available for babies up to 12 months old and is applicable for both adopted and birth children. For parents who choose an outside child-care provider, Zutano reimburses a percentage of their approved childcare costs for the same 12-month period (for safety reasons, not every employee's position can be tailored to accommodate an infant). Zutano also offers new parents scheduling flexibility, which eases the stress of trying to squeeze in all of those post and pre-natal appointments and doctor visits.
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